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Our goals:

1. Build a Rapid Deployment Force used for townhall meetings, adversarial and supportive government proceedings, rallys, flash mobs, and other areas needing public and media attention. This is exclusive to supporting candidates and issues aligned to the MAGA agenda.

2. Train citizens in civics: especially how to win elections, precinct campaign structure, and campaign leadership and volunteering. 

3.  Provide regular and periodic meetings to engage members and citizens, expand their knowledge on the issues surrounding their neighborhoods, and  sharing of information via guest speakers, online multimedia, and campaign grassroots training.  

How to Accomplish these Goals:

We are a 501(c) 4 political organization with annual membership dues of $25. As advocates of the MAGA Agenda we are a very unique and specific group with focus in our communities. As a CA Corporation we take minutes, use agendas, and follow an organized structure to achieve our goals. Sometimes a vote is simply not enough, will you make that move to join us?

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