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Californians Making America Great Again  is registered with the Federal Elections Committee #C00636639 and the CA Fair Political Practices Commission #1395571 (not affiliated with any campaign or committee). What this means is that the group is preparing for its full-scale launch throughout the state as its chapters form cohesive on-focus issue based coalition groups to educate and mobilize communities to support the MAGA Agenda. CALIFORNIANS FOR TRUMP has been an integral part of the volunteer grassroots movement and is uniting all Trump MAGA supporters, and former volunteer leaders of the Trump Campaign, bringing together all other groups to form a  cohesive MAGA support effort in every community. Sign up for more info and meeting times and locations here:

WHAT: We are forming chapters supporting the issues that Make America Great Again, as determined by the local communities and their chapter. This local issue advocacy, called “Coalitions” are then supported by the state advocacy groups as the state and local coalition work in “project management groups” complete with assigned tasks and organization.  Activities to educate and inform every community of the issue advocacy include fair booths, town hall meetings, “flash” rallies, media contacts, editorial and letters to editor campaigns, legislation tracking, legislative support, etc.  To be a member of CA4MAGA one needs to support the MAGA Agenda and be a registered voter (exception high school students).  However, only registered Republicans may vote. Yet, all volunteers can be leaders and equally engaged in the advocacy efforts. As a secondary mission we will be endorsing candidates who support the Make America Great Again agenda (both locally , state, and federal) and may be involved in ballot initiative and recall efforts as part of our network and focus on the issues that MAGA.

Local chapters are forming in each county as they provide a home base and bridge with the Trump Volunteers who have not yet fully joined their local and state GOP party or other organizations. Californians for Making America Great Again (CA4MAGA) is a 501(c)4 nonprofit political organization, thus contributions are not tax deductible. Although there may be some affiliation with a political campaign or party, the primary purpose of this organization is for public advocacy, education, and community improvement as per I.R.S. non-profit guidelines and the focus on what MAGA.  It takes a minimum of 10 registered Republicans to form a chapter.

Some Make America Great ISSUES We support:

  • Immigration Coalition (we SUPPORT legal immigration and work visas
  • First Responders and Veterans Coalition
  • Building Patriotism and a UNITED States Coalition 
  • Support our Elected Officials Coalition
  • End Political Discrimination Coalition
  • Make Schools Great Again ™ Coalition
  • Voter Registration, Recall, Ballot Initiative Coalition
  • (…Others as local chapters designate)

It is hoped you can join us! Please set up a meeting place and time in your area and we will help you get more supporters there!

Please print out and fill out these forms linked below to join our MAGA TEAM and provide to your new members.

Individuals are free to sign up online now and here as well– and we will contact you about a new or forming group in their area.

Links to Organizational Documents: 

Californians for Making America Great Again

forming in YOUR AREA  NOW!

(c) Paid for by Californians for Making America Great Again, inc. (CA4MAGA) and Californians for Trump (dba) is a CA nonprofit 501(c)4, donations are not tax deductible. CA4MAGA is a Political Advocacy Group relating to issues that MAGA, and its affiliation with any campaign or political party is not its primary function.