4 x 8 DROUGHTEND GOVERNMENT INEFFICIENCY (DROUGHT).  CA dams released water to prevent flooding, instead of being prepared for water storage. Our food prices, land values, and work force is suffering due to this mismanagement!  We need a federal government to STOP such POLITICAL CORRUPTION!  Read more here> Sacramento Bee


4 x 8 FarmWrkrs4TrumpFIX OUR BROKEN SYSTEM!  Obama and Republicans have had majorities in Congress and failed to give DIGNITY to our hard working farm-workers and families!  Trump wants to provide jobs to employers who verify they cannot find domestic workers, and FIX the Green Card system once and for all!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 4 x 8 BorderSecurityWE LOCK OUR DOORS & SHOULD LOCK OUR NATION’S GATES!  We need to  protect our families and should not be giving “sanctuary” to fugitives fleeing authorities!  We protect our homes, and our country is our home!  We are AT WAR and terrorists have said they will enter through our open borders and kill us!  Who would support such a crazy risk? Why can’t we fix our worker visas and help high-risk refugees stay in their native regions?4 x 8 PartyPolitics

POLITICAL PARTIES ARE DESTROYING AMERICA!  We need to send a clear message to Washington and their lobbyists: “The Party is OVER!”  We cannot continue to spend into deeper debt, and give privileges to the Washington Elite that are not offered to us “common people.”   We need term limits and to audit the federal budget, ridding of  needless waste and wasteful spending. No more “losing” of billions of dollars! Mr. Trump is not a politician and will being BUSINESS EXPERTISE into our federal government!