Each Member Signs a Code of Conduct



Members and Leaders of CA4MAGA, Inc.  Hereby Agree That any protest, support or other rally or demonstrations involving public conduct…

1.Shall be planned, controlled by the Chapter Board of Directors or appointed manager(s), established standards            of conduct, a clear training and communication and enforce of those standards, and the Rally shall last no                    longer than is reasonably necessary to send its desired message.

  1. Must designate leadership and spokespersons who take responsibility for the consequences of the protest and conduct of the protesters, speak for its participants to the media and others, and are authorized to deal with and negotiate with authorities. Participants of our group should be easily identifiable such as clothing or other identifiers.
  2. Should be preceded by the obtaining of all necessary public permits and the payment of all required bonds, as well by timely advance notice to authorities.
  3. Should accept and meet financial responsibility for public expenditures resulting from its activities.
  4. Should avoid destruction of property.
  5. Should take place only on public space, or private space where permission has been obtained in advance.
  6. Should be sufficiently controlled to ensure that its activities, demonstrations and message are not co-opted and used by other groups and activists with different agendas, goals and objectives. (note: this would include a 20-foot minimum distance from any opposition groups and the preparation of some sort of barriers or markings to set clear lines of demonstration)
  7. Must not unreasonably and unnecessarily disturb the peace, safety and quality of life in the immediate vicinity.
  8. Should not unreasonably, recklessly or carelessly interfere with the ability of uninvolved parties to get to and from work, run errands and otherwise engage in their normal activities.
  9. Must accept responsibility for and be accountable for the words and conduct of its participants.

To become a Member of a CA4MAGA Charter, and to participate in any “Support” Rally, (i.e. Congressional Town Halls), “Flash” Rallies, or other participation in demonstrations, public protests, or any other type of “Rally”.…

  1. Members agree to present a positive image of the MAGA Advocacy Supporters, to refrain from confrontational and physical contact with any opposition, and to maintain at least a 20-foot presence from any opposition when available.

2.Members should have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the issues involved and the relevant facts               relating to them. Participation should be based on sufficient study to include opposing points of view, reliable              data, and credible sources. One should not protest based on the unsubstantiated assertions, opinions or                        passions of others. If a protester does not have sound personal comprehension of the reasons why the object of            a protest is legitimate and just, he or she should not be participating in the protest.

  1. Members and supporters agree to not violate any laws in the course of the event. If law enforcement gives directions to the member or supporter, agreement is made to follow those guidelines including not resist arrest, and to submit according to the principles of civil obedience.
  2. Members also agree to not assault, threaten, insult, attack or defy police, opposition, or members of the public including fellow supporters and members. Members agree to be peaceful and non- confrontational, Proud of the Patriotism and the MAGA Advocacy victory.
  3. Members agree to not engage in violence of any kind, except in self-defense or defense of another.
  4. Members shall not bring weapons to the event, or display weapons in a threatening or provocative manner.
  5. Members shall avoid incivility, gratuitous insults, racist or other bigoted messages, signs or chants, gross characterizations of adversaries, misleading statements, unfounded accusations, obscenity, and threats of violence. Event organizers shall have final determination if signs, chats, or language are determined to be inappropriate or detrimental to the group and the MAGA advocacy.
  6. Members agree to not use illegal drugs while present in any public event while intoxicated or otherwise substance–impaired.
  7. Members further agree to practice good safety and hygiene during the course of the event.

10.Members agree to not intentionally or carelessly harm, burden or inconvenience innocent third parties, groups             and organizations.

  1. Finally Members agree that they will each and individually actively police the event, and make reasonable efforts to discourage unreasonable, unlawful, violent or otherwise unethical conduct by fellow members and supporters.

Signed this ___________ day of __________ 20____

Member Name: ______________________________________________________

Email: ______________________________________________________________

Phone: ____________________________________________________________


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