Grassroots conservatives that help advocate, inform, train, and bring the national agenda to our local communities. We are the Trump Agenda Advocates!  Join us to meet like-minded friends while we work to Make CA Politics Balanced Again!  Federal #C00636639 and State #1395571 (not affiliated with any campaign or committee). Donations and Dues are not tax deductible, CA Nonprofit #C3992501


Question & Answers

WHO ARE WE? We are grassroots conservative groups located in each county that help advocate, inform, train, and bring the national Make America Great Again agenda to our each local communities. 

We are a nonprofit political advocacy group, registered with the Federal Elections Commission, and the Fair Political Practices Board. Although our primary mission is to focus on those issues each community selects as vital to make their part of America “Great Again”,  our secondary purpose is to advocate for those issues and prepare a local precinct organization should we decide to form as a ballot initiative committee. If that need arises we work with all supportive groups.

We are also applying to become a “Republican Party Chapter” as specified in their Bylaws ART III.3.01.  The benefit of this is to help bring new energy to the state party. Although many who support our MAGA issues may not be registered Republicans, the Republican Party IS Trump’s party!  As state delegates we will be able to merge and become a part of new Republican Party. One need not be a Republican to join us, but they do need to be registered to vote. Non-Republicans are “associate members,” who may not vote on action items but are otherwise a complete equal in leadership and volunteer roles.

We have the experience and success as “Californians for Trump” with precinct organization in every county prior to the Trump Campaign’s arrival in CA. Our leadership structure and members list was utilized extensively by the Trump Campaign.

We are NOT affiliated with any campaign or committee.

Our Bylaws:


1. Read the Code of Conduct here (Click on Image) 

2. Fill out the Membership Form.

You may either fill out form online (below at bottom), or Print and Mail to: 1852 W. 11th St. Ste 193 Tracy, CA 95376 .  You may also Print and Scan the signed Membership form and send to info@CA4MAGA.ORG   Click here to view and print the form>>> 

3. Pay Annual Membership Fee

($25 year for one; $25+10 for family of two; $100 to sponsor others, i.e. yourself and 3 othes). $10 of each members fee is credited back to your local chapter to offset printing expenses and operating costs. -We are a state registered NonProfit.

You can also mail a check to 1852 W. 11th St. Ste 193 Tracy, CA 95376



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1 Member $25.00 per Year.
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Member + Sponsorship $100.00 per Year.
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