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From W.Walker (Updated 6/03/2017 12:00 PM) Politics is the last thing the members of the ‘Silent Majority” wanted to get involved in. We, as a select group of voters known as the “Trump Supporters”, have suffered much from the media and partisan politics from both sides.  We understand our label as the “outsiders”, those deplorables that cause some disdain among those who support the political establishment. Now ‘We the People” are in the ‘Winner’s Circle” and as we make our way into these groups we hope they will understand and see the benefits of inclusion and team work as we unite Trump’s  Party: todays new modern GOP.    As the “home base” for the Trump Volunteer Network we are building that “bridge” to familiarize our volunteers to the various  groups, and especially the Republican Party. We are the “Unity” group, we believe in the UNITED States, and patriotism.  Conservatives and moderates need to stop the divisions and unite here in CA, where liberal organizations are so far ahead of us and have built an Oligarchy that will take our focused efforts to penetrate.

WHY $25 ANNUAL DUES–FINANCIAL COSTS OF BEING A VOLUNTEER:  As the California Trump Campaign 2016 Central Field Operations Manager, the group of volunteers and leaders we helped set up and train throughout the state (BEFORE the Trump Campaign was here) was fully used by the official Trump Campaign. We were organized and ready to take on Cruz!    Those WHO HAVE VOLUNTEERED ON THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN personally paid for many expenses, with only a few paid staff on the campaign: Tim Clark (state director), later his political director (Malcolm), as two office staff. The entire leadership team did not get any reimbursement for travel, business cards, training venue rentals, email marketing accounts, and so much more. Therefore, going forward , the group we are now developing for the purpose of supporting the MAGA Agenda, should not be limited due to the volunteers and leaders personal expenditures. The expenses for the internet, email, and business cards simply should not be coming out of the leaders pockets, just the same financial system as all other (existing or forming) Charter Groups. The new group being formed, Californians for Making America Great Again, is a political organization that does have a small annual $25 dues to help offset those cost (same amount at the CRA, TEA, WRF, and other charter groups).  We are actually regulated  by the FEC #C00636639 and the Fair Political Practices Board #1395571, with our Ca Corp ID #C3992501. No one draws a salary, and there is not a paid executive director or any paid positions.  This is a complete grass roots precinct-level organization. Our state board is an elected body, including the position of President, at our annual election conventions. Dues and donations for CA4MAGA are not tax-deductible.

W. Walker Background: I do not have any political aspirations. I do have my Political Science B.A. from University of California, and Masters in Educational  Leadership and Administration. I hold many teaching credentials and authorizations, including that of a Reading Specialist. I am currently a public middle school teacher, and previously worked as a Homeowner Association low to moderate income CA Cooperative President, and Supervisor and trainer of 6 other Homeowner Associations (thus my knowledge on Corporate law and working with Associations).  I also owned my own successful business for over 15 years, and marketing is another passion. I got involved with Trump because I knew it was the last hope for our country to take back the political bureaucracy for THE PEOPLE.

I was not a member of my Republican Central Committee or active in politics before Trump announced. Working with State Trump Campaign Director Tim Clark has been an honorable experience, and I support the personnel Trump hires (I was working with the national Trump Team in CA before Tim Clark, with Mark Abernathy and Ted Costa in acquiring and vetting RNC delegates).  Ted Costa  (of the recall Gray Davis fame) paid for our  Trump booth at the Burlingame Convention. This convention presence was used to expand our volunteers with state delegates and active GOP. Tim Clark was just recently hired at this time.

The previous groups I worked with, “Californians for Trump” and “Donald J Trump California Campaign 2016” have now led now to a new group to support the agenda and issues of the “Make America Great Again” agenda.  CA4MAGA is not affiliated with any candidate or committee. There is NOT a Trump Campaign entity registered or working in CA.

CA4TRUMP Story:  More on the background of  Californians for Trump and its social media organization (meetings, training, and outreach. One of my main honors was serving as a RNC Delegate, attending the Inauguration VIP events, and recognized by the California Trump Campaign Director Tim Clark by the full state delegation at the RNC DELEGATE CRP LA meeting. They all applauded our work “setting up” the state before the official campaign finally arrived.  Californians for Trump organized in all 58 counties, held training and meetings, and had very hard-working dedicated teams and  leadership building coalitions and group collaboration in each community.   90% of the Trump volunteers never worked on a campaign, and many had never voted in decades!  Here is one of our early videos: when all groups came together getting ready to battle Ted Cruz:

Our very first rally:


Some other rallies:


We made many many videos to train our volunteers, many rallies and “Flash Rallies” on street corners. We got our social media contacts into our much-needed database, and ran statewide advertising to build our audience and support.  Unsung heroes worked tirelessly and deserve the appreciation and RESPECT  for bringing their passion to save this country from its lawlessness, out of control spending, weakening of our infrastructure and defense, and overall loss of our nation all while witnessing a large exodus of expatriates leaving this country. 

My wife and I were also ready to relocate until we found out that a non-politician, a wealthy billionaire who had everything to lose, risked it all to save his country. We researched and saw his platform was unchanged from the 80’s: he was solid and intelligent.  We recognized he saw the waste and inefficiency of a government out of control, while witnessing the complete loss and destruction of what was once a great nation.  “Make America Great Again” is only familiar to those of us who knew what this country used to be like: as we walked on the moon and used space planes to orbit our planet, where innovations of new technology and infrastructure was developed, a nation of order and checks and balances with laws the country and its people all embraced.  This leader understood how we evolved into stagnation, lawlessness,  division, and a near third-world debtor nation using an increasing deficit to “buy” our friends. Massive debt and massive out of control spending all leaving future generations bankrupt and without any accountability.  Many generations today do not know what this “MAGA” time period was like, many millennials have no concept of what the slogan “Make America Great Again” means, and that is why such an agenda needs to be brought forward and generations need to be taught how such an agenda benefits us all, no matter your political party.

ACCOLADES & EXPERIENCES:  Working on a campaign is FUN!  I got to be that “man” talking to Trump that made AP news and on the Trump Website (I have a video of our conversation!) ….. I was able to meet Trump 3 times.. he signed hats, etc.

teerThe Californians for Trump volunteers had a special VIP private meeting to met Trump at the Burlingame GOP  convention! This was graciously arranged by Jim Brulte, Chair of CAGOP and Tim Clark, Director of Trump CA Campaign.  .. when he was seen walking down that freeway..and opening that door: that was US.. he said “I wanted to meet my volunteers first, they are the most important to me, if it was not for you..this would not be happening.” Although I was promised to meet Trump and get his picture one-on-one with the flag (as Chair and founder of CA4T),  I never got that chance, yet my goal and motive is to always let the public know about our tremendous volunteers la-times-2, all our leaders and unsung heroes who volunteered for CA4T!

As mentioned, we also had the ONLY Trump table/booth set up at the convention (CA4T arranged, although Cruz was there in force!), paid for by Ted Costa (of the recall Gov. Davis champion) and we vetted many delegates for the RNC, with Kern County political consultant Mark Abernathy.  Luckily I had brought along some of the only trump literature at the convention: brochures, banners, and pins that went like hotcakes!  The strategy was successful- to gain some GOP delegate support and leaders to assist our grassroot campaign.  We found MANY passionate volunteers at the convention!

After the primary it was about getting 4×8’s made and out everywhere, more volunteers trained ,and phone banks set up! (these are designs our volunteer team designed, with a special shout out to Nonnie Carino-Tavisola as our designer).






Sitting right behind Senator Anderson (Alpine) at the RNC


(Above) Signs we made and passed out state wide.  (Image Above) One of the many training meetings.

We were the nation’s GROUND TROOPS. We made 1.6 Millions calls into the battleground states (more than Hillary did nationally)- and more calls daily were made out of our SACRAMENTO Call center than Trump Tower.

Trump won in large part due to the organization of Californians for Trump. Our focus is positive local community presence, trainings, meetings, organizing, working with elected officials, helping Republican candidates and registering more Republicans (after all, the GOP is “Trump’s/MAGA platform’s party”)  and GOTV.

Conservative and moderate groups need to unite as the opposition is successfully doing:   http://www.sfchronicle.com/politics/article/Next-step-for-Trump-resistance-Get-organized-11011955.php?t=05bafb2eb7#photo-12569885

CONCLUDE: We have many chapters up and organized with the Trump Volunteer Leaders who ran their counties. We are always looking for more supporters of the issues that will Make America, and our local communities, Great Again.  Our MAGA platform includes issues ALL AMERICANS can support, such as: 1) national security; 2) fiscal responsibility; 3) smaller government; 4) control over government waste and bureaucracy; 5) law enforcement; 6) and controlled immigration growth.


What does your local community agree would “MAGA” locally?