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Q When you are charging enrollment fees to volunteer your not going to get the turnout your looking for
Freedom of speech is free remember
A: Similar to the California Republican Assembly, or the California Republican Women’s federated we also charge the same small fee to help screen out those who are not truly wanting to be a part of the organization, and therefore do their “own thing”. If it is a problem then people can say it is a “hardship” , students are also exempt. Most do not mind a YEARLY DUES of just $25 ($10 for household member) to help acquire basic needs such as brochures, meeting and training facilities, business cards, bank and internet fees, and very basic needs to keep a nonprofit operating. No leader, officer is making any personal financial gain, or the nonprofit (and insurance) would be void. There are no empolyees.
      In addition, we are the members of the Trump Team Winner’s Circle, we will build that organization that we did before Trump Campaign came to CA.. we just do not want it to be disorganized – we had a strong structure that the Trump Campaign 100% used and was already in place. We do not fel it is fair to requie our leaders or volunteers to pay for basic needs that could hinder our productivity.  Many do not like the GOP in CA.. but that is why 1) we are forming a GOP group (open to all Trump (MAGA Issue-driven) Supporters of ANY political Party) and 2) want to have delegates to help shape the state party…… in other words DOING instead of complaining and talking. #GOPTrumpsParty