West Walker Responds


From W.Walker (posted Mar 20 4:10 PM) Politics is the last thing the members of the ‘Silent Majority” wanted to get involved in. We, as a select group of voters known as the “Trump Supporters”, have suffered much from the media and partisan politics from both sides.  We understand our label as the “outsiders”, those deplorables that cause some disdain among those who support the political establishment. How ‘We the People” are the ‘Winner’s Circle” and as we make our way into these groups we hope they will understand and see the confidence and training our members receive to begin rebuilding and adding to Trump’s  Party: the GOP.    We are adding and here to assist all groups, to bring more numbers in, and offer that “home” for the Trump Volunteer Network, building that “bridge” to all groups and entities who support the mutual MAGA issues in California. We are the “Unity” group, we believe in the UNITED States and patriotism: The liberal organizations are so far ahead of us here in California, and we need to ORGANIZE NOW!

PERSONAL STORY OF BEING A VOLUNTEER:  As the California Trump Campaign 2016  Central Field Operations Manager , the group of volunteers and leaders we helped set up and train throughout the state (BEFORE the Trump Campaign was here) was fully used by the official Trump Campaign. We were organized and ready to take on Cruz!    Those WHO HAVE VOLUNTEERED ON THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN understand the massive expenses we paid, and the only ones paid or reimbursed for expenses were Tim Clark (state director), his political director (Malcolm) was paid for a very short period at the end, as were the two girls in the small office staff. The entire leadership team did not get any reimbursement for travel, business cards, training venue rentals, email marketing accounts, and so much more. Therefore, going forward , the expenses for the internet, email, and business cards simply should not be coming out of the leaders pockets, as it does not come out of other (existing or forming) Charter Groups. The new group being formed is a nonprofit called Californians for Making America Great Again and does have a small annual $25 dues to help offset those cost (same amount at the CRA, TEA, and WRF).  We are actually regulated as a startup nonprofit (#C3992501) and no one is drawing any salary, including myself. Our state board is an elected body, including the position of founding President I currently hold, at our annual election convention.

W. Walker Background: I do not have any political aspirations. I do have my Political Science B.A. from University of California, and Masters in Educational  Leadership and Administration. I hold many teaching credentials and authorizations, including that of a Reading Specialist. I am currently a public middle school teacher, and previously worked as a Homeowner Association low to moderate income CA Cooperative President, and Supervisor and trainer of 6 other Homeowner Associations (thus my knowledge on Corporate law and working with Associations as forming now).  I also owned my own successful business for over 15 years, and marketing is another passion. I got involved with Trump because I knew it was the last hope for our county and the political bureaucracy that has grown out of control and no longer represented THE PEOPLE.

I was not a member of my Republican Central Committee or active in politics before Trump announced. Working with Tim Clark has been an honorable experience, and I support the personal Trump hires (I was working with the national Trump Team in CA before Tim Clark, with Mark Abernathy and Tom Costa in acquiring and vetting RNC delegates).  Tom Costa  (recall Gray Davis fame) paid for the Trump Table at the Burlingame Convention I so desperately needed to expand our volunteers with state delegates and active GOP. Tim Clark was just recently hired at this time.

CA4TRUMP Story:  As I take you on the short path of the success of the Californians for Trump’s social media organization (meetings, training, and outreach), one of my main honors was serving as a RNC Delegate, the Inauguration VIP events, and when California State Director of the Trump Campaign Tim Clark had me stand in front of all the RNC Delegates at the RNC DELEGATE CRP LA meeting. They all applauded our work “setting up” the state before the official campaign finally arrived.  Californians for Trump organized in all 58 counties, held training and meetings, and had very hard-working dedicated teams and  leadership building coalitions and acceptance in each community.   90% of the Trump volunteers never worked on a campaign, and many had never voted in decades!  Here is one of our early videos: when all groups came together getting ready to battle Ted Cruz:

Our very first rally:


Some other rallies:


We made many many videos to train our volunteers, many rallies and “Flash Rallies” on street corners. We got our social media contacts into our much-needed database, and ran state-wide advertising to build our audience and support. Endless hours from all parties were involved , unsung heroes who DESERVE the RESPECT and RECOGNITION joining this group will bring them– all due to the their passion and need to save this country from its lawlessness, out of control spending, weakening of our infrastructure and defense, and overall loss of our nation witnessing an exodus of expatriates leaving this country. 

My wife and I were packing and ready to go until we found out that a non-politician, a wealthy non-politician billionaire who had everything to lose, risked it all to save his country. We knew his platform was unchanged from the 80’s, and that he saw the waste and inefficiency of a government out of control while witnessing the complete loss and destruction of what was once a great nation.  “Make America Great Again” is only familiar to those of us who knew what this country used to be like: as we walked on the moon and used space planes to orbit our planet, were innovators of new technology and infrastructure, and protected an order of check and balances with laws the country all embraced.  We evolved into stagnation, lawlessness,  division, and a near third-world debtor nation using an increasing deficit to “buy” our friends.  Many generations today to not know what this fery recent time period was like, many millennials have no concept of what the slogan “Make America Great Again” means.

ACCOLADES & EXPERIENCES:  Working on a campaign is FUN!  I got to be that “man” talking to Trump that made AP news and Trump Website (I have a video of our conversation!) ….. I was able to meet Trump 3 times.. he signed hats, etc.

teerThe Californians for Trump volunteers had a special VIP private meeting to met Trump at the Burlingame GOP  convention! This was graciously arranged by Jim Brulte, Chair of CAGOP and Tim Clark, Director of Trump CA Campaign.  .. when he was seen walking down that freeway..and opening that door: that was US.. he said “I wanted to meet my volunteers first, they are the most important to me, if it was not for you..this would not be happening.” Although I was promised to meet Trump and get his picture one-on-one with the flag (as Chair and founder of CA4T),  I never got that chance. I did however get an interview with some media and the LA times with my signed hat (honestly, I stayla-times-2 low key, but if given a chance I want the public to know about all our leaders and unsung heroes who volunteered for CA4T!)

As mentioned, I also had the ONLY Trump table/booth set up at the convention (CA4T arranged, although Cruz was there in force!), paid for by Ted Costa (of the recall Gov. Davis champion) and I vetted many delegates for the RNC, with Kern County political consultant Mark Abernathy.  Luckily I had the very expensive brochures, nice banners, and brought some pins to try to recoup some cost- but it was all quite personally expensive. But THIS was the strategy- to gain GOP support and I found MANY passionate volunteers at the convention.

After the primary it was about getting 4×8’s made and out everywhere, more volunteers trained and phone banks set up! (these are designs I drafted and had our volunteer team designed).

(Log entry to be continued)





Sitting right behind Senator Anderson (Alpine)



Signs we made and passed out state wide, Meetings we did ( I made) to train our Trump team. We were the nation’s GROUND TROUPS. we made 1.6 Millions calls into the Battle ground states (more than Hillary did nationally)- and more calls daily were made out of our SACRAMENTO Call center than Trump Tower.

Trump won in large part due to the organization of Californians for Trump.

Here is an update on the continuing saga of the posers and haters who are worried we are moving in on their “rally profit”.. they made over $5000 on their last rally!  We are about training, meetings, organizing, working with elected officials and GOTV.

(Letter sent to a select group who were falling for the lies, this is public here to be shared to clear the good name of the thousands of Californians for Trump volunteers who worked for the Trump Campaign.)

I want to take a moment to try to defend myself. I was not aware that any volunteer would be subjected to such claims of “fraud” without being given a courtesy of a simple phone call or opportunity to have questions answered.


It is not my goal, or the organization being formed, to move in on anyone’s turf and take their “Go Fund Me” rallies, or whatever the perceived threat is to warrant such defamation. Jeff Schwilk, Daryl Bowler, Ly Kou, and Amy Sutton all have been asked to retract their claims (David claims his account was “hacked”) and that retraction and clarification has yet to occur. The claims made are untrue and meant to damage my reputation and an organization many believe to be important to their community, including yours.  Attacking and causing disunity in our state is exactly why we are where we are, and to have motive of personal financial gain and some sense of limelight, make this all so much worse!


The claim made by Jeff and compounded by his “rally team” is that I am a “fraud” and “not with the official Trump campaign” (Roger Ogden, this is not a frivolous issue: being called a “a fraud” when claimed facts are used to qualify such a charge, is indeed defamation and even celebrities get judgments when evidence show malicious intent). Although some in this email chain feel I should be able to be a big boy “and stand up for myself” that is indeed what is being done here.  Trump would not take warrantless attacks (I watched enough Celebrity Apprentice), and nor will I. Follows is my detailed answer to the false claims of fraud, deceit, and dishonesty.



1) Claim made: I was never with the “Official Trump Campaign” and am a “fraud”.

FACT: I was not only on the STATE LEADERSHIP of the Trump campaign, but the organization I set up was an instrumental asset and acknowledged as so in videos, media accounts, and anyone who was a RNC Delegate by Tim Clark, Director of Trump Campaign in CA.  Californians for Trump had organized and trained in all 58 county leaders of Trump supporters prior to the arrival of the official California Trump Campaign. This asset of having a ground organization in place has been mentioned numerous times in public venues, recorded speeches, and the media. Further, I was working with the National Campaign in vetting delegates here in CA with consultants Mark Abernathy and Ted Costa (of the recall Gray Davis fame) very early on before the State Director was hired. Jeff, as an early Facebook page administrator for Californians for Trump, knew of the vetting of the delegates I was doing for the campaign since he assisted with that process. (again, all evidence can be provided).  This goes toward what is the motivation to make and spread such vile and false statements. Why attack fellow patriots and organizer(s) of so many coalition groups throughout the state, such as Veteran’s for Trump (verify my efforts and character with Chuck McDougal, State Director). As a proud active duty Air Force dad (son stationed in Germany USAF C130J pilot) and as a son of USAF 26-year veteran, I am a true UNITER, not a divider, and I do so without the need for recognition. The organization and leadership I set up was not successful because of me, but instead by the quality service of those who stepped up to provide true leadership per county, region, and at the precinct leader level (we were in preparation for the Cruz challenge).


2) “Going to Sue”:  Not my desire or intent, I just want this to stop. I want a retraction and a true patriot would man up and admit their error and tell the truth: Instead my posts of my phone number and response to Jeff’s attack have been deleted off his public forums. We’re on the same team and friendly fire needs to be called when it is what it is!

Here is what my post said shared on social media and linked to the organizations’ web page: “We have some issues originating from the SOCAL area, here is part of my response. Sorry to say, I had to retain legal counsel since defamation and lies by gangs, thugs, and bullies should not be tolerated by anyone.”


Here is but one example from our fellow Veterans groups responding to this “immature” attack on a fellow conservative, individuals in So Cal groups have started a false email that depicts West as a Fraud and liar … I received a copy of one of the emails and ran it through a vetting process with my ex-military cyber warriors. All came back as individuals trying to make trouble with no substantial evidence of their claims. Ridicules, immature email from those afraid they will lose their rally clubs if this ca4MAGA gets going.”


Is Ly Kou Jeff’s girlfriend? Is that why she spread some lies that I somehow am some sort of Facebook God able to “delete” other groups posts? I have no idea what she is talking about, except I spend endless hours NOT TAKING SIDES and promoting everything all group are doing throughout the state. If they post a wrong time, that is not our doing. I, and our team of page administrators, are advocating for success for everyone’s events and causes that match Trump’s Agenda.


Yet, the claim by the Veterans cyber warriors seems to be accurate, this is all about some “rally turf” and substantiated by other posts by Jeff. It seems he intentionally likes to schedule competing rallies when others are scheduled. Why is that? He again has a Duck Pond Rally scheduled on the March 25th when the nation-wide MAGA is also scheduled.   http://www.magamarch.org/where.html and is conflicting with a local organizer. These people are not with my group, they are as deserving of the title and recognition of “patriot” as Jeff and his crew.

This is a pattern and our group has ZERO to do with the MAGA MARCH. He must have misunderstood how Facebook Works, posting “events” sends out notifications to the full members, so when I or an admin post an event_- it is written to know that we are just sharing an event, not the host or sponsor. In any case (read more below) Jeff wrongly thought CA4MAGA or myself are some sort of a threat. 


The other party working with Jeff and Ly Kou made some serious money for their Trump Rally!    Are they a non-profit with a corporate id we can verify who got this money, since there is not a listing with the state of California business entities?  Over $5000, to hold a rally!?! Wow! Plus “shirt sales” etc.?!   https://www.gofundme.com/SanDiegoTrumpRally  (Notice the picture image)


Below is a screenshot of the GoFundMe Page of the Spirit of America Rally both Jeff Schwilk and Amy Sutton (see her same lies from Jeff posted on her ‘San Diego Patriots” page) organized together.  Here is what is on their page … “Funds will be used to make signage, permits, Stage and AV rental, banners, T-shirts, and donations to help further our cause to wake up America.


There is no design or plan to do anything with “independent groups” except to help them and promote them, as we have been doing. What “destructive actions” SPECIFICALLY have been done by West Walker and the 58 county groups I have set up and are in place now?


It has been further reported that Jeff was against people joining the MAGA March up in the OC area on the 25th, claiming it was organized by me and that I had something to do with the Berkeley rally. It is well known and reported that the Berkeley College Republicans organized that event, and that too is not too difficult to verify.


To add more to this needless and warranted attack is about some “rally turf war”, here is a post on Jeff’s page on March 9th, before any of this startedIt demonstrates the mindset to attack anyone outside their “network” and to take down a new group (and its success) to keep their side business and personal ambitions going. Here he is mocking a Christian Trump group, and taunting how “superior” his rallies are! This is not what a UNITED CONSERVATIVE EFFORT should be doing when there is SO MUCH at stake in CA. This hit piece on these poor women was used to market his and his rally business!



Pump up his rallies, yet these Christians were BULLIED in Michigan, and using their misfortune is distasteful and unsympathetic to our Trump volunteers.  Jeff instead should be reaching out to help them.    This is all about “local leaders” in HIS Network. So he is concerned that there is another “network” moving in, yet does not give any effort to “know them” or utilize the Facebook Administrator skills we taught him in how to vet and do a bit of research before spreading such hate and negativity that is destroying the branding of our President and his true supporters! (another LIE he claimed I am doing!  But here it is folks!  Where is some of his evidence?!/) Why attack and put down ANY Trump group? —unless you want some GoFundMe benefit.  The motive is clear, and it is financial and his need for “fame”.

In reality, Jeff or the San Diego community does not need to feel threatened by ANY other conservative group.  We are LOCALS and are here to actually SUPPORT him and all groups BASED ON THE ISSUE THEY CLAIM TO BE ADDRESSING. Thought this was about IMMIGRATION since the election is over?  Conservatives need to stop this in-fighting; Jeff, Lou, David, Amy need to read this article and understand how wrong this disunity is:   http://www.sfchronicle.com/politics/article/Next-step-for-Trump-resistance-Get-organized-11011955.php?t=05bafb2eb7#photo-12569885

Claim that I am a “PATRIOTS FOR PROFIT:” Unlike those who raise enormous money for personal gain with their unlicensed, uninsured profitable rallies, Californians for Making America Great Again is a nonprofit regulated by the Fair Political Practices Board, IRS, Secretary of State, and the IRS. We do have an annual due of $25 to ensure our members are serious about joining: this is the same amount as the Republican Women’s Federated and California Republican Assembly, also chartered groups (we are seeking our charter with the next convention). We elect local and state officers, no one is allowed to financially benefit and we do not have employees. This is the law. We follow the law. $10 of the dues a member pays goes back to the local chapter. This helps to pay for business cards, brochures, insurance, and the other very basic necessities needed to complete our mission.  We are organizing for the purpose of educating our communities on the ISSUES of what Makes America Great, including here in CA.  This advocacy includes trainings, political involvement, town hall meetings defending our elected officials, fairs, and professional speakers at reserved locations. As our members gain the skills and confidence they will feed into other causes and groups, since 90% of the Trump supporters never have been involved politically, I personally designed and conducted trainings up and down the state for the Trump campaign, made dozens of training videos, and now we ae expanding the conservative grassroots in CA.  As you see our virtual presence begin to take shape and refine our mission (website under construction still) you will realize the benefits to San Diego as obvious. San Diego is not in good shape!  There is not a success story there!  We are bringing in Millennials and a new energized group of passionate conservatives!  Again, we are NOT taking away from any other group, but instead preparing our state for the battle ahead as we did for the Trump Campaign. As we address and advocate on any particular issue, those groups, speakers, authors, legislators, legislations, and events will all be promoted as our outreach to our members to unite and involve the community in achieving the transformation needed. This is all verifiable at https://CA4MAGA.org and within the next few weeks when we are officially launching.

FALSE CLAIM: “OFFICIALY SANCTIONED”: Another unsubstantiated claim made is that we have somehow said we are “officially sanctioned”.  Perhaps this rally crew does not know what a ‘leadership PAC” is, or have not bothered to read the banner ad in our 60+ social media pages which must state, we are NOT a Leadership PAC (Campaign’s PAC).  Our organized would LOSE its tax status if we were “associated with any candidate or committee.” We have never made such a claim, and we would like the evidence posted here that proves we did!

CONCLUDE: We already have many chapters up and organized with the Trump Volunteer Leaders who ran their counties, and these attacks are not just on myself, but so many who work so tirelessly to improve our communities.  Jeff states how much he dislikes the GOP, and how bad it is to be associated with it. Our response is, it is “Trump’s Party” and we are going to get involved and make a difference!

With your Republican mayor putting San Diego into a Sanctuary Status, and the lack of a county victory for Trump, that should be what local efforts should be focused on, not conservative group in-fighting and rally monopolies for personal financial gain.

I thought Jeff Schwilk and his team were friends and fellow Patriots. They misjudged and thought I had anything to do with any rally: I did not (nor CA4T or CA4MAGA).  However, the existence of any social media presence in their area must also be a perceived threat: they do not want other events or groups to be shared or promoted.  They were willing to take that threat and harm a good state Official Trump Campaign leader, and a volunteer organization used extensively by the Trump Campaign.  Their harm was by any means necessary, including making claims that this leader and its organization “were destructive” and harmful to Trump’s name (while they never involved themselves in the Trump campaign or ground game) by emailing across the state these untruths. No one deserves that sort of injustice.

West Walker, M.Ed.

Central California Field Operations

Donald J Trump, Inc. 2016

this is what Amy Sutton, who set up her profitable “Go Fund Me” account and made over $5000 (which seems to be what this is all about) had to say:







This is her response after the letter above you just read. Physical threats, stealing, small band in all 58 counties? freaks. .ones who WORKED FOR FREE AND PAID MONEY to work for Trump can get the job done!  (many even traveled to battleground states  and paid their own transportation and hotels)!   Yes, the TRUE TRUMP SUPPORTERS  are NEW to politics and are not guilty for the years of failure that have occurred before Trump. These bandwagon supporters are only after profit and their prestige, and this middle school mentality is why the conservative movement is so divided.